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    • Digital signage

    • Applications for digital signage including touch screens, mobile interaction and old school passive carousels with a new twist. Run your Facebook feed on a big screen and bring interaction to the fingertips.
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    • Websites

    • We deliver a personal look and modern feel working with the best of art directors and by using the latest of web technologies. Parallaxing, CSS3 animations, AJAX, HTML5 features and more.
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    • Custom solutions

    • From databases to user interfaces, ELDA Interactive finds a suitable solution for you, from the smallest CSS animation to full featured applications: HTML5, CSS3, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript/jQuery, Linux C/C++ etc.
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Digital signage

Applications for selling, sharing, guiding and informing

Touch screens, mobile interaction, social media: Just connect and share!
ELDA Interactive has developed a new, state of the art, Digital Signage platform. We can deliver content to any screen combining the web with Digital Signage in a totally new way. The applications do not only look good, but they are ensured to work at all times.
Draw attention to your digital screens by going interactive, engage your consumers through offers, games and exiting news.

Personalized websites

Responsive, attractive, modern and interactive

The finest web design spiced up with the latest of web features such as responsivness, browseability, parallax and other animations. With HTML5 technologies and lots of social media integration on top of that.
Together with our partners, we can help you with a site that truly sticks out and brings out the best in your business. Don't hesitate to contact us.
Look new, look fresh, look exciting!

Custom solutions

Applications for Your specific need.

  • Story telling

    Admin user interface design and implementation for creating mobile story telling apps. User interface design, authentication, authorization, content and parameter management, subtitle and animation editors, html5 audio/video players, image editing.
  • Digital signage system

    Web administration, database design, image & video distribution, world-wide scheduling, network communication, embedded video & image players,  multilevel authorization, template management, linux programming.
  • Content management systems

    Modularized Content Management Systems with internal plugins and social media & other service integration such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, SongKick, BandCamp, Picasa and more.
  • Fitness equipment

    Speed adjustable video playback and mp3 playback engines for an embedded PXA-board, built using Linux C on the Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives.
  • Service & events

    Web based management system for local services and events. Multipage editors, scheduling, hierarchies, xml-output, several user interfaces for visitors, self editing for service and event managers.
  • Courses, polls & projects

    Web based course registration systems, work climate poll applications and web based tools for project management and collaboration. E-mailers, filesystems, reporting, questionnaires.


  • After Sail
    XML interface
  • Afenginn
  • Art Bank
  • Momeo Oy
  • Linnanmäki
    interactive map
  • Turun LVI Piste
  • Åbo Akademi
  • Pargas
    service & events

Clients say

    • Kitte Hamilton

    • CEO, One4All
    • "ELDA has had a clear vision from the very beginning of what we and our customers need. The product turned out to be excellent, a product that receives lots of good feedback from the end users. We could not hope for more of the co-operation."
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    • Kim Nyberg

    • Composer and mandolin player, Afenginn
    • "After a lot of trials and erros the tailored solution built by ELDA Interactive is exactly what we had looked for!"
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    • Paavo Hynynen

    • CEO, Momeo Oy
    • "ELDA Interactive is creativity, knowledge and reliability combined. We are very pleased with ELDA Interactive as a provider for web applications and solutions."
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    • One4All

    • Digital Signage system provider
    • One4All is a Finnish provider of digital signage services for real estate communications. One4All works in close collaboration with ELDA in developing a system for serving inhabitants, managers and maintenance personel. Enhancing the communication between these parties through modern means, utilizing the latest digital signage technologies.
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    • Upto Oy

    • Full solution provider
    • Upto Oy is a provider of TurnKey Digital Signage solutions. Upto Oy is dedicated to find their customers true needs in digital media.  They prefer to offer long time developing partnerships rather than selling only hardware. Upto and ELDA works in close collaboration to provide customers with just the solutions they require.
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    • Karamel branding

    • Branding and graphic design
    • Karamel Branding is a branding office focusing on design ad content management. Karamel branding designs all from flyers to fully fledged touch application design.
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    • Sjoukje

    • Design & Illustration
    • Sjoukje is a freelance designer from Denmark. ELDA Interactive works in close collaboration with her in designing web sites but also in the development of user interfaces when needed.
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    +358 - 40 - 534 9542
    We work locally and globally where Skype is our meeting room but not necessarily our favourite. Do not hesitate to drop a line or send an e-mail so that we can meet, online or for real!